Media Consultancy


Our team of in-house creative visualizers and designers are well experienced with creation of a brand identity, complete with all visual elements and materials. We transform ideas into iconic identities.

Design and implementation of media strategy

Al Joude consults with numerous government and private sector entities to plan and execute media strategies. Our team of consultants will work with you on your annual plans or specific projects to develop a strategy that translates into success.


Our press center includes seasoned professionals in the field of Public Relations. The press center at Pyramedia specializes in publicity and promotions across Print, Television, Radio and Digital media.

Marketing & Advertising

Al Joude is home to some of the most astute media planners and advertising professionals. Our team can seamlessly translate your brand’s communication objectives to a creative experience that grabs attention through carefully thought out media plans.

Media Production

Television Shows

We develop innovative, technology driven world-class productions to build digital experiences that entertain and inform millions of viewers, such as: Million’s poet and Prince of poets. Our television productions have been telecast on some of the leading stations of the region including MBC, Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, Al Mehwar TV to name a few.

Documentaries and Feature films

Our team of experts has worked on a variety of special documentaries, feature films and fillers in the region. The scope of our work covered the whole spectrum of production – from scripting to post production and planning the promotions. Son of Babylon, Guarding the Coast and The story of an Arab lady are some of our productions that have won popular acclaim.

Production Services

Al Joude provides you with a wide array of human and technical support services unrivalled in the region. Our qualified crew can help you conceptualize, design, source and execute set designs, lighting, video, audio and display technologies. One of the leading post-production facilities in the region, our studios are well equipped to accommodate the most specific of requests and deliver creative masterpieces.

Event Management

The event management team at Al Joude handles all event related requirements from start to finish, leaving you free to actually enjoy your event. We have a strong history in organizing corporate and public events, taking care of the smallest details to ensure your event is spectacular, within budget and reflective of your brand. Our main successful events are Middle East International Film Festival, Al Mahaba Festival, Dates Festival, Falconry Festival and hosting the semi-final round of judging for the Emmy International Awards.

Media Representation

Al Joude is the exclusive worldwide media representative for all the Television and Radio stations of the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

It markets and manages the commercial inventory of the entire SBC portfolio of nine Television channels and six Radio stations that entertain and inform audiences across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.